Best Computing Summer Course in London or Cambridge

3d oculus rift headsets learn Computing

Best Computing / Computer Science Summer Course in London University and Cambridge University

Lite Regal Education and International School offers one of the best and most Informative Computer Science Courses on Offer in the UK. They are fully resident in one of the Colleges of London or Cambridge. The course lasts 2 weeks to 4 weeks and includes food, boarding and lessons and activities.

Are you 15-18 years old and looking for a Leading Computer Science Summer Course ? Look here

Computer Science Course for International Students aged 15-18 in London and Cambridge

3d oculus rift headsets learn Computing
Learn to Build and Design your own Games and App Programming with Python / C++ and this Summer with Lite Regal using the latest 3d Oculus rift headsets and  learn 3D Gaming

In this Course Students fro over the World and from over 60+ Nationalities will be immersed in various Courses over the Summer – Importantly Students will learn and have fun over the 2 week or 4 week Course.

What Students will learn in this COMPUTER SCIENCE Course

Importantly Students will have fun and mix with all Nationalities from all over the World. The Students will get the Unique Experience of living and Learning within one of the Leading Universities in the World.
Lite Regal Students relaxing after classes
Lite Regal International Students relaxing after classes

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